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The Correct Procedure For Using Warehouse Shrink-Wrap For Packing

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If you have several items that you want to ship from your warehouse, but you want to bundle them together and keep them safe, then warehouse shrink-wrap might be the best option. However, many people tend to misuse or misapply the shrink-wrap, and subsequently it slips off and the bundled items fall or become damaged. Here is the proper and correct procedure for using warehouse shrink-wrap, as well as a list of the additional packing supplies you will need to make this work. Step 1: Place Your Items on the Pallet When you place the items on the pallet for shipping, try to fit them as close to each other as possible. You want a nice, tight fit with little open space between the items on the pallet. The closer together the items are, the more secure the shrink wrap will make them and prevent wobbling. Step 2: Use Cardboard Pieces to Help Immobilize the Objects Even with very careful placement, you may still have some wobbliness between objects on the pallet. Use pieces of cardboard to stabilize and support these areas before you apply the shrink-wrap. Doing so will make sure that, when heat is applied to the shrink-wrap, the objects will not begin to tumble inside the packaging. You can also put individual pieces in boxes so they stack neatly together. Step 3: Incorporate Teamwork To keep the shrink-wrap seal nice and tight, have one person hold the cut end of the shrink-wrap to the surface of the objects on the pallet. The other person, who is holding the roll of shrink-wrap vertically, will walk around the pallet, unwinding the shrink-wrap and pulling it taut over the items as he/she goes. As the “unwinder” works around to the person holding the end of the wrap in place, the wrap is cut, and the freshly-cut end overlaps the first end. Smooth and press firmly. Now you have a single layer that will hold things in place on the pallet while your crew unwinds and wraps more shrink-wrap all the way around until there is shrink-wrap covering the whole of the object grouping. Step 4: Apply Heat EVENLY There are a couple of different ways you can do this. Some warehouses park space heaters all the way around the pallet and turn them on simultaneously so that the shrink-wrap is blasted from all sides and shrinks evenly this way. Other warehouses break out several hairdryers and each dock member picks up a hairdryer and picks a side. Using a side-to-side and up-down sweeping motion, the plastic is heated and shrinks accordingly. The last method involves heat lamps, but very few warehouses have these...

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Did You Just Rent A Home? 3 Signs There Are Problems With The HVAC Unit

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If you have just rented a home, you likely inspected things like the carpeting, walls, and ceiling to make sure the property was in good condition. One thing you may not have thought about when you were walking through the house is the HVAC unit because it is outside. If you are having trouble cooling the home, however, below are three signs that you’ll need air conditioning repair. Home Not Cool Enough If you notice that your home is not cool enough, several factors could be the cause. Your HVAC unit has coils that absorb heat from the surrounding air so the air temperature can be cooler. If the coils are dirty, they are not be able to absorb the heat properly. There could also be a leak in the refrigerant. Refrigerant is a very important part of your HVAC system because it flows through the coils to help move the heated air inside your home to the outside. If there is a refrigerant leak, heat would not be able to move out of your home. Odors Coming Through the Vents If you smell a burnt odor coming through your vents when your unit is running, the wires inside your unit could be burned out. If the odor is musty, this generally means there is mold inside of the ductwork or the HVAC unit. If you are smelling this musty smell, you should have your unit cleaned immediately as mold spores will get inside your home and create a very unhealthy for you and your family. Weird Sounds If you hear some weird sounds while your HVAC unit is running, such as grinding or squealing, there’s likely a problem with a part inside the unit. For example, the motor may have broken bearings. If you are hearing a squealing noise, a belt has likely slipped, or it could mean there is a metal component inside the unit that needs to be lubricated. Certain mechanical failures will require that the entire unit be replaced. Talk to an HVAC repair professional to find out if they can fix the issue or if you’ll have to purchase a new unit. If you have any of these problems, talk with your landlord. They should send out an HVAC contractor to repair or replace the unit for you immediately. They should also make sure they have the unit maintained regularly after it is repaired or replaced. This will help it last much...

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Four Ways To Promote Your Custom Casket Business

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Caskets are not items which can be easily promoted. Custom caskets are even less easily promoted. To actually promote your custom caskets in a more positive or fun light, here are some options that could help. Halloween Haunted Houses As long as the agreement you make with the organizations that sponsor the haunted houses includes no destruction of your property, you can feature your custom caskets in this seasonal entertainment. At the very least, it would give attendees an idea of the many options of unique caskets they could purchase as their own resting beds. Some of your more Goth customers might even enjoy your displays of casket artistry via this form of Halloween amusement. Investment Trade Shows While an investment trade show may seem like an odd place for a custom casket display, it actually is not. Customers are investing in their futures, and caskets are an investment as well because they are costly and a part of everyone’s imminent end. It is easier to convince investors to look at and purchase a custom casket here than you might think, especially if you take custom orders and offer a payment plan for every casket you sell. Work the Funeral Home Circuit Most funeral homes purchase their caskets from manufacturers. However, most funeral homes get their caskets from manufacturers because the sales representatives from manufacturers make frequent visits to the funeral homes to offer them new products and new lines of caskets and coffins. Sometimes when you start a business (such as the one you have right now) you will need to do a lot more footwork to get things going, and that includes working the funeral home circuit to get a good client base. Some funeral homes might not favor an unusual line of custom caskets, but others may be more open to the idea of providing a unique burial experience for their customers. Art Fairs While some might think it a tad morbid to put your custom caskets on display at an art fair, others may appreciate the master craftsmanship you have put into your caskets. Since there are usually no restrictions whatsoever to what can be on display at an art fair, this may be a good venue for you. If you focus on how death can be as beautiful as art in life, this may be your lead-in to sell a couple of your original caskets. Click here to find out...

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Three Easy Ways to Make Your Shipping Packaging More Environmentally Friendly

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Running a small retail business out of your home will most definitely involve a lot of shipping to cater to the orders of your customers. Even though shipping will always involve excess materials that keep your merchandise protected, this does not mean you have to send every shipment out with a lot of waste that will just end up in the trash. If you want to develop your business with environmentally sound principles, paper and packaging used for shipping will be an important topic of focus. To ensure the shipments you send out to your customers is as friendly to the environment as possible, there are a few simple things you can make sure you do when it comes to paper and packaging.  Use shipping containers that can be reused or recycled. The shipping containers you use to send customers their merchandise can easily be changed to ensure they are either reusable or environmentally friendly. Cardboard is always a good option and is often made with recycled materials. Just make sure the packages you choose are clearly marked as recyclable. You can also use shipping boxes that are reusable for an added environmental appeal. For example, if you ship out something in a small plastic container, this is something that would likely serve repeated purposes for the customer. Make sure filler material used in shipments is recyclable.  There are an array of different types of filler material available that you can use to wrap your merchandise in to keep it safe and sound during shipping but not every option is environmentally friendly. For example, plastic bubble wrap, and styrofoam packing peanuts are not biodegradable even though these may be the most readily available options. Options that will be a better choice if you are going for environment-friendly safety would include things like shredded recycled paper or recycled cardboard pieces. Switch to recyclable tape products. Even if you use environmentally friendly cardboard or reusable packaging, what you use to seal the package shut will likely be some form of adhesive tape. While you may be tempted to just go with traditional plastic tape, there are other options that are actually biodegradable. Tape made from recycled paper is one easy option to consider. This tape is usually used with a dispenser that moistens the adhesive with water as it is dispensed, and the best part is, even the adhesive glue does not contain harmful toxins. Talk to companies like Commonwealth Inc to see what kinds of environmentally friendly packaging materials they...

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3 Tips For Using Vehicle Wraps To Promote Your MLM Company

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Many people find that making money with an MLM company can be a great alternative to a traditional job. If you want to increase the amount of revenue your MLM company brings in each year, it’s essential that you are constantly exposing new consumers to your marketing message. Using vehicle wraps can be a simple way to spread the word about your MLM company while you are engaging in everyday activities. Here are three tips you can use to ensure a vehicle wrap properly promotes your MLM company in the future. 1. Keep your marketing message simple. When designing the graphics for your vehicle wrap, it’s important to keep in mind that your wrap will only have about 2.5 seconds to make an impression on passing motorists. If your design is too busy, your marketing message might get lost and decrease the effectiveness of your vehicle wrap. Feature only one or two main marketing messages, and present them in a way that makes them easy for a passing motorist to consume (using bold colors and a font that is easy to read). 2. Invest in professional design services. Even though you might be proficient in using photo or graphic editing software to create your own marketing materials, creating a design that will successfully transfer to a vehicle wrap can be challenging. When you invest in professional design services, you ensure that your vehicle’s wrap will maintain proper alignment around door joints and not become distorted around the curves of your vehicle. You want your wrap to look polished in order to attract the right kind of attention from potential customers, and investing in professional design services will ensure you end up with a vehicle wrap you can be proud of. 3. Take corporate guidelines in mind. Your MLM company is likely part of a larger corporate entity. It’s important to remember that while you are free to make design choices for your own individual branch of the MLM organization, if you want to feature a corporate logo you may need to abide by certain guidelines designed to maintain brand consistency. Before you have your vehicle wrapped to promote your MLM company, contact someone at the corporate office of your MLM’s parent company to ensure your design doesn’t violate any corporate guidelines. Having your personal vehicle wrapped can easily transform your car or truck into a mobile advertisement for your MLM company. Be sure that you are keeping your marketing message simple, investing in professional design services, and abiding by corporate guidelines to ensure your vehicle wrap contributes to the growth of your MLM company in the...

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How A Property Management Company Can Assist You

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If you have some rental properties that you could use a little help managing, you might want to look into how a property management company can help you. To help you decide if you want to go ahead and find a management company to hire, you will want to check out the following benefits that would come from using them. Collects The Rent Payments It is easy to collect rent when all of your tenants are paying on time. However, you are bound to come across tenants that are not very good at paying on time or some that simply have found themselves in the middle of a financial hardship. Making the phone calls and knocking on doors can be hard to do if you are someone that is not good with confrontation. Luckily, this is not something that you will have to do if you have a property manager. The property manager will collect all current and past due rent payments, as well as any late charges that are owed. Shows Vacant Properties Whether you have one empty rental property or several of them, you might want to have a property manager that will be in charge of showing them to potential tenants. This can be incredibly helpful as your property manager will have more available time to show the properties because that is in his or her job description. The property manager will also be in charge of taking all of the phone calls and answering all of the questions from people who are simply inquiring about the property. If you need to have applications filled out and background checks performed on the potential tenants who are interested in renting from you, the property manager will handle all of it. Handles The Eviction Process For You It can be hard to evict people from your property, especially if you have a soft heart. However, if the tenants can no longer pay, then it has to be done so you can continue to make money from your property. Your property manager can send the legal eviction papers. If the tenants are still in your property past the written eviction ate, he or she can go through the proper channels at the local courthouse in order to have them removed by a judge. With just those few things in mind, you should have no trouble understanding how having a property manager could be a big benefit to...

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Need Promotional Products For The Next Trade Show? A Few Tips For Picking The Right One

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If your company is going to be involved in any type of trade show, you need to have some type of token gift to give to the attendees. Giving out calendars or pens is not going to be enough; besides, everyone does that. You want to leave the people with a reminder of your company and what it is you do. Promotional products are available for almost anything. When you start looking at catalogs, consider the following to make sure your brand is the first one that comes to mind when a consumer needs a service or product you provide. Know Who Will Be Attending Since this is a trade show, you can be sure that the people attending will be business people. However, you need to consider for which industry the trade show is being held to understand better the people that will be there. If possible, try to find out what gender will be more in attendance. It is also a good idea to consider the average income of the people in the industry too. You may want to spend a bit more money, for better promotional products if it is a rather high-income industry. While it will cost you more for each piece, you can expect to have higher sales tickets from the show. If the company is paying its employees high wages, it also spends good money on the products they buy to run the business. Make it Something Useful You want the consumers to have a use for your promotional item. The more they use it, the more your brand is on their mind. Since it is a trade show, one idea is a tote bag. This will give them something to carry around all the other promotional products they are given. Of course, you want it to be one that will last and that they will use once they leave the show. Consider the industry and what type of items they will always have a need for. Restaurant trade show attendees can almost always use extra kitchen utensils and office workers can use thumb drives. While something cute and quirky will make consumers smile or laugh when you give it to them, it often ends up in the trash or given to a child when they leave. If you go to a number of different trade shows, for different industries, be prepared to have a number of different promotional products to pass out. If you can fit the gift to the industry and person receiving it you can be sure it will be used often, reminding them of your company each time they...

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3 Tips For Storing Your Belongings In A Storage Unit

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Do you need to put your belongings in a storage unit for a while until you can find a new house? It is wise for you to be careful about how your belongings are stored in the unit, especially if you don’t know how long you will have to keep them there. In this article, you will learn a few helpful tips that can be considered when storing your belongings at a storage facility. 1. Keep Food Out of the Storage Unit If you intend to keep food inside of the storage unit, it is not a good idea unless you are storing canned goods. You don’t want to lure pests in to the unit that might damage your belongings. For instance, even if you store packaged food in the unit, it can attract pests if there are holes in the plastic or paper. If you opt for putting food in the storage unit to grab out as needed, make sure that you invest in a climate-controlled unit because it can keep certain food items like bread and cereal fresh longer. A unit that is too hot might lead to the food developing mold, which can make the storage unit smell foul. 2. Don’t Wrap Anything in Plastic Although it might seem like a good idea to wrap some of your belongings in plastic for protection, you might cause them to get damaged instead. The bad thing about plastic is that it can produce moisture if your unit is humid, which can damage the item that is wrapped inside of it. For instance, covering wooden furniture in plastic can lead to it losing form from too much moisture exposure. There are moving pads that can be purchased for covering your belongings. You can also use blankets to cover the items that need extra protection. Keep in mind that a climate-controlled unit can lower the humidity level by preventing extreme temperature changes, so it is something that you should consider renting. 3. Use Storage Space Efficiently It is in your best interest to neatly place your items in the storage unit, as it will lead to you having more space. If you have large items, make sure that they are disassembled (if possible) before placing them in the storage unit. You can invest in bins and racks for keeping your belongings organized. Visit the storage facility of your choice to rent a unit as soon as you...

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Could A Network Technician Job Be Right For You?

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If you’re interested in a career in the world of technology, you may be overwhelmed at the number of options and job classifications available. If you’re a relative newbie to the technology realm, you may not understand the differences between certain types of jobs or know where your skills and abilities will serve you best. For those who have a wide breadth of practical experience gained from working in a number of different industries, becoming a network diagnostic and repair technician may be a great way to utilize your skills and abilities. Read on to learn more about network diagnostics and repair to help you determine whether this is the right field for you. What do network diagnostic and repair technicians do for a living?  While the increased connectivity provided by the internet and computers makes many aspects of the modern workplace easier, no technology is foolproof — and when a server shuts down or a vendor needs a bit of extra help installing a program, a network technician is there to help. These technicians fill a variety of roles, from salesperson to troubleshooter to educator. On the front end, network technicians work with vendors to roll out new software programs for the technician’s employer, often spending time training other employees on using the new program. These technicians will then troubleshoot any issues with the new program, ensure it’s working as intended, and collaborate with coworkers and superiors to determine what additional functionality may be needed and how updates or upgrades can be implemented without disrupting the normal processes. How much can you earn as a network technician? Although your exact starting salary will largely depend on factors like the cost of living in your area, whether your employer is in the public or private sector, and whether you’ll be responsible for supervising employees, the average network repair technician earns nearly $20.00 per hour or more than $43,000 per year. Those who work in the private sector or for start-up companies may also be eligible for periodic bonus payments in addition to this base salary, boosting your income potential even further. One way to ramp up your potential earnings even further is to obtain additional certifications and credentials that can allow you to evaluate and solve higher-level issues. In some cases, your employer may even pay for you to receive the education you need or give you extra time off work to study or take certification exams. For more information on this topic, check out a company like L And D Technology...

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Resume Writer

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Did you take a long break from the work field and now you are ready to jump back in? Searching for a job can be a long process if you don’t make sure that your professional skills are presented right, which can be done by hiring a resume writer. In this article, you will learn why hiring a resume writing professional can be beneficial to your job search. Create a Professional First Impression The most important aspect of getting hired for a job is to make your potential employer feel like you are an asset to the company. If the person who is responsible for hiring new employees isn’t the one that you hand your job application to, his or her first impression of you will be what is written in your resume. A professional resume writer will be able to make sure the grammar is superb on your resume. He or she will also make sure that all of the information on the document is well organized. A professional resume will give the hiring personnel a good impression that might lead to you getting called for an interview an interview before other applicants. Showcase Relevant Skills No matter how many skills you have accumulated throughout the years, it doesn’t mean that they should all be on your resume. Putting irrelevant skills on a resume for a job that requires specific skills will only frustrate the person reading it, as he or she will have to pick through all of the information to find something relevant. You might end up with your resume getting tossed in the trash. A resume writer will be able to showcase skills that can be helpful for the type of job you are applying for. He or she can even make the most simplest of skills stand out in a professional way. Use a Modern Format The format that your information is presented in on the resume is almost as important as the skills that you have. You might not know the current trends in resume writing being that you have been out of work for so long. Some employees pay attention to the format of a resume in relation to how professional you are. Resume writers are aware of the modern formats that are used in various fields of work. Get in touch with a resume writer who offers executive resume services so you can improve your chance of getting hired in a timely...

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