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3 Questions To Ask To Get An Accurate Estimate From The Moving Company

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When planning a move, packing up your items is often the easy part. Regardless of how often you have moved, choosing a moving company and planning for the expenses associated with relocating can be both challenging and expensive. However, you can make things a bit easier to get through if you know what questions a moving company will need to know to give you an accurate estimate. If they do not ask the right questions, it is very possible that the actual cost of transporting your belongings could be very different from the estimate. It has been estimated that each year, about 43 million people relocate. While most of those moves go very well, planning ahead to choose the most appropriate moving company can make sure that your move is as low-stress and affordable as possible.  It is also a good idea to note that quotes given without viewing your items may not be binding, so you could wind up with a larger bill than expected if you do not know how to get accurate information. 1) Can Representatives Come to Look At Your Items-Or Can You Send Pictures?  One of the most common problems with moving is that it is easy to underestimate the size, weight and number of items that will be moved. As a result, it is a good idea for movers to examine the items before providing you with an estimate.  As part of this endeavor, you should also expect to answer questions such as: ·  Are the appliances going with you or remaining in the home? ·  Does the couch fold out? (Fold-out couches tend to be heavier.) ·  Are you or someone else in the home transporting anything? ·  Are there any items needing to be moved that are not currently visible? ·  Are there any items of exceptional value, such as art, jewelry, or electronics? (That can impact out the amount of insurance needed.)  ·  Do you have any pets? Where will they be on the big day? #2-Can You Tell The Movers About Your Current Home And The Area It Is In? The location of your home and its accessibility will play a pivotal role in the cost of moving. For example, if you live on the third floor and have a piano, expect to pay your movers more. The same is true if you live on the wrong side of a one-way street, since  movers will be moving your items farther. Narrow staircases or doorways, rural addresses and emergency moves will typically make moving more expensive. The same is true of any type of stairs in or outside of the home. #3-How Can You Be Sure To Stay Within The Estimated Cost Of Moving? In general, you should always ask to get the estimate as to how much moving will cost in writing. If it is provided as a general piece of information, such as “A 2 bedroom home will be X dollars”, do not be surprised to learn that your costs are higher. As mentioned previously, they should get detailed information about your home and property, in order to provide the most accurate information.  In conclusion, moving can be an expensive situation, regardless of how long it has been since your last move. The information you are asked to provide to a prospective moving...

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A Beginner’s Guide To Newspaper Bias

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As you become more interested in the world and begin reading the news, you might discover that not all news articles carry the same level of objectivity. Sometimes the lack of objectivity is on purpose, while other news sources may employ writers who do not maintain high journalistic standards. Rely On Newspapers Over Other News Sources Newspapers are generally more credible than magazines because they will usually go through a fact-checking process before being released to the public. However, no source is perfectly accurate because the newspaper’s sources may not be credible. For example, if a story is based on the testimony of a single witness and the witness was lying, the story would be inaccurate. Evaluate Sources Newspapers have increasingly included hyperlinks to their sources. For instance, if a newspaper reports on a study, it may provide a link to the journal in which the study was originally reported. If you are strongly concerned with the credibility of the article, read the journal article and verify that the journalist did not misinterpret the journal article. Identify the Type of Source Differentiate between news, comedy, opinion and commentary. News articles should report strictly on the facts, but some less credible sources may interject bias. For example, an article that covers a government policy might interject that the policy is a good idea, which would simply be the journalist’s opinion. Determine If It is Satire Many satirical news publications mimic real news so well that it can be difficult to identify them. If a story seems outlandish, try looking for it in other newspapers. Most real stories will be reported in more than one newspaper. Look for a Conflict of Interest Consider whether the newspaper would have a reason for an obvious bias or conflict of interest. For example, newspapers that advertise investment products may be more likely to portray the Stock Market in a positive light. Even if the market is crashing, some sources may claim that the crash is temporary. Also, if the newspaper comes from a particular country and appears suspiciously uncritical of that country, do not take the positive coverage seriously. Pay Attention to How Arguments are Presented When reading opinion and commentary, beware of arguments by adjective. The news might state “the incompetent mayor proposed an increase in taxes.” The word “incompetent” should be ignored unless the author can provide evidence of why the hypothetical mayor is incompetent. Instead, pay close attention to inductive and deductive reasoning when determining if the commentator has a good...

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Three Posture-Related Factors To Consider When Buying Office Chairs For Your Staff

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In you’re in charge of researching and purchasing office supplies for your workplace, one decision you’ll eventually encounter is choosing the right office chairs for the employees. This process can be a balancing act as you weigh factors such as budget, style and functionality. Regardless of the look you’re trying to accomplish, it’s of paramount importance that the chairs are comfortable and promote proper posture; after all, this is where many people will spend about eight hours per day. Using the correct posture can keep the workforce healthy and productive. Before you sign off on any specific style of chair, consider these three posture-related necessities.    Adjustable Seat Height Chairs that allow the user to raise and lower the seat are valuable in allowing correct posture. Although some people might specifically view proper posture are being solely related to sitting with a straight back, the lower body provides the foundation of posture. People should be able to adjust the height of their seat to sit with their knees bent at about 90 degrees when their feet are placed flat on the floor. This leg position essentially keeps the knees in a natural position that isn’t hyper-extended or locked too tightly. Adjustable Arms Armrests on a chair are optimal for comfort, but this valuable addition to your office furniture is about more than just keeping comfy. The ability to lower or raise the armrests allows the user to ensure that his or her arms are bent at an optimal angle of between 75 and 90 degrees. Having the arms resting in this position ensures that the user’s shoulders are relaxed. If a person uses a chair in which the armrests aren’t adjustable, he or she might be contending with armrests that are too high or too low. As such, the person can develop tight, sore shoulders over time that could even lead to injuries that might keep the person away from work. Lumbar Support The ideal office chair should have a knob that allows the user to adjust the level of lumbar support. While part of proper posture involves sitting with the buttocks and the low back pressed against the chair’s back support, the user’s spine won’t be in its proper curve unless he or she can adjust the lumbar support to suit. Moving the lumbar support in or out is essential to the health of the user; if the chair doesn’t have this feature, the user’s back muscles will have to constantly work to achieve the proper spinal curve, which can lead to muscle fatigue and back...

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Mini-Split Heat Pump: Is It Right For You?

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When determining if a mini-split heat pump is the right heating system for you; you have to know the advantages and disadvantages that come from having the heating system in your home. Depending on the needs you have, they might be the ideal solution for you to go with in order to get the heat you need throughout the winter. What are Mini-Split Heat Systems? Mini-split systems are ideal for homes with non-ducted heating systems throughout their homes. If adding onto your home, the mini-split system is able to transfer heat into the newly created area on the home. Mini-split systems have a unit inside the home, and one on the outside. They work to force the air into the home, without having to expand on existing duct work. They come with a thermostat so you’re able to adjust the temperature as needed. Exploring the Advantages There are multiple advantages to owning a mini-split system: Have a better, more efficient heating system throughout your home that will provide enough heat. Save money by not having to add onto your current duct system throughout the walls in the home. Flexibility to choose where to place them, and where you would like the heat to be localized too. Easy installation wherever you’d like to have them placed. Improve your energy efficiency, while saving some cash each month on your heating bills by using the mini-split system. Customize your system to fit the lifestyle you live with timers, sleep functions and even different looks. Exploring the Disadvantages With every great thing also comes disadvantages, and the mini-split systems do have a few to be aware of: The initial installation tends to be a bit more expensive than other heating systems. However, the savings each month will make up the cost of the installation. Knowing where to place the system is crucial. In order to have it work correctly, you have to have it placed in the right area of the home where the air can circulate. Some homeowners do not like the look of the unit inside their home, and find it unappealing to the guests that come and go. Whatever choice you make on whether or not these systems are the right ones for you, know you can have more energy efficient, more effective heat throughout your home with the system which provides you with the benefits that work for your needs. For more information, contact Arnold Service Co. or a similar...

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Got Clutter? Determining What To Keep And What To Put Away

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According to the NPD research firm, the average American family has around $7,000 in unused stuff. If your home is full of clutter from this unused stuff, with a figure this high, you don’t exactly want to toss it all in the trash; however, it would be unrealistic to not assume that you could at least get rid of a few things. For most people, this is where the challenge comes in. Knowing what should go and what should stay can be difficult; here are some tips to get you started. Clothing It’s fairly easy to organize clothing. Turn all the folded clothes in your chests tag side down. Once you wear an item, place it back in the drawer tag side up. Reverse all your hanging clothes so that the hanger is facing backwards. Return a worn item with the hanger facing the correct way. After three months, any clothing that’s tag side down or still hung up in the reverse direction should be donated or placed in storage. Electronics When it comes to determining what electronic items you should keep around, compatibility should be your first consideration. For example, a container of old cellphone chargers that won’t work with any of your family’s new phones should be donated or disposed of. If the electronic device is still compatible, but you don’t necessarily use it often, it would make more sense to store it away. Furniture Believe it or not, you can have too much furniture. For example, a family of four that rarely entertains probably doesn’t need a sectional, love seat, and accent chair in the living room. A pillow test can help determine what items need to go. Place a pillow over each sitting surface. Remove the pillow and put it away whenever you sit down. After a month, if the pillow is still sitting on a piece of furniture, it’s time to store it away. Organizing It All After you’ve set-aside the items you will keep, consider a mobile storage company. Mobile storage units are delivered to your home so that you can fill and organize the unit at your own pace. Depending on your needs, you can leave the unit on your property for immediate access or have it stored away at a secured site for long-term safe keeping. No matter how much chaos or clutter your unused stuff seems to be causing around your home, know that you can organize it all to keep your home clean and...

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Apartment Security: 5 Reasons to Hire a Security Company Instead of Relying on Tenants

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Securing an apartment complex is an important aspect of owning and managing apartments.  Keeping the tenants (and their property) safe keeps them happy. Happy tenants lead to keeping apartments occupied, and occupied apartments lead to more money.  If an apartment complex wishes to employee security officers, they have a couple different options.  One option is to rely on tenants that have law enforcement or security experience to do the job in exchange for free or deeply discounted rent.  The other option is to hire a security company to monitor the premises for a fee.  There are a few disadvantages of hiring tenants to do security for you.  Instead of paying someone to do the job for you, when you use tenants you just lose out on rent.  This could seem like a great deal.  However, in order to get the kind of security you want you will likely have to hire multiple tenants.  This can result in a loss of income from rent, especially if you would be able to fill all your apartments to capacity with paying tenants.  Although you will have to pay a security company for the use of their officers, it could actually save you money. Hiring tenants to do security for your apartment complex can backfire on you.  There are likely to be times when a situation arises and there is no “security officer” there to attend to it.  This is particularly likely when you only hire one or two individuals to do the job and don’t give them set hours.  Since many tenant-turned-security-officers have other obligations and no set hours, your complex is left vulnerable.  With a security company, you are guaranteed to have someone there when you need them to be. Tenants aren’t always monitoring the premises, even when they are home.  They are sleeping during some of the most likely times for suspicious activity.  Although they may be available to call when situations come up, they likely won’t catch suspicious activity before it is reported.  A security company can patrol the property during the hours that you need them to.  They may be monitoring multiple properties nearby, but they are still out and about during prime times and are likely to catch problems as they arise. Using tenants to secure your property means entrusting them with access to locations that most tenants don’t have access to.  They can be given keys to places like offices and swimming pools so that they can monitor them during hours those locations are typically closed.  This means that they, and their families and friends, have access to these places.  This could lead to trouble.  A security company will be given access to these areas, but since they are overseen by an outside company they are less likely to abuse these privileges.  Hiring tenants can leave you in a difficult situation when they leave.  Since they are likely to develop relationships with other tenants, if they have to be asked to step down they may talk to other tenants.   Their relocation may not be a big deal, since they are possibly paying less in rent.  However, this could result in the loss of business from faithful friends in the complex.  If they didn’t pay a deposit, you are out that amount of money if they leave...

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4 Things To Consider When Installing An Evaporative Cooler For Central AC

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If you live in a dry climate and want to have an energy efficient AC, evaporative coolers can be a great option. These systems use the process of evaporation of water to provide your home with cooling. They are commonly used as a small cooling solution, but they can also be used for central HVAC systems. Here are some things that you may want to know about these systems before you have them installed: 1. Installing The Unit On The Roof Or Side Of Your Home There are a couple of options for installing an evaporative cooler.  Coolers can be installed on the rooftop in an area where they are not noticeable. Rooftop units can lose efficiency due to sunlight, and they can be hard to service.  You can also have the unit installed on a wall on the side of your home. This can be in a shaded area and make maintenance area, but they can be bulky and unsightly if you have limited space. 2. Choosing How To Install The Ducts For Your Cooler You also will have a choice of how you have the ductwork installed for your cooler. If you have a rooftop unit, you may want to have the ductwork installed in the attic. For a wall-mounted unit, the ducts can be located in a crawlspace or basement. If you have existing HVAC ductwork, you will probably want to use the existing ducts, but the further away they are from the unit, the less efficient it will cool. 3. Adding A Small Filter For The Water Supply With Hard Water In many areas, hard water can be a problem. Heavy metals and minerals in the water can damage mechanical systems over time. If evaporative coolers use hard water, calcium buildup can form on the parts of the unit. To prevent this problem, you can have a small filter installed for the water line of the unit to reduce problems with hard water. 4. The Regular Maintenance Requirements Of An Evaporative Cooler Another thing to consider with evaporative coolers is the maintenance they require. You will need to check things like the water reservoir regularly, change filters and make sure parts are working. Most of these tasks are simple, but need to be done to ensure the system is working efficiently.   Evaporative coolers can be an affordable solution to cool your home in the right conditions. If you are thinking about installing an evaporative cooler for your home, contact an HVAC contractor like Sullivan Super Service to find out what type of system will be right for the cooling needs of your...

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How To Build A List For A Direct Marketing Campaign

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The key to building a successful direct marketing campaign is in the list. Even if you have the most persuasive copy in the world, your direct marketing efforts are literally going in the trash unless you are mailing to addresses that have a high likelihood of being interested in your product. Drawing from Your Own Customers Begin creating a list by starting with your customers. When customers give you their personal information, inform them that their information may be used for marketing purposes and give them the option to opt out. Also, consider surveying those who purchased your product to find out specific details such as their age, race, gender and profession. By gathering data on your customers, you can then begin marketing other individuals who have the same characteristics and will be more likely to be receptive to your product. Renting a List   Another option is to rent a list from a list broker. For a few hundred dollars, you will have access to thousands of names. The upside is that these customers have already responded to direct marketing efforts in the past, which is often how they ended up on the list in the first place, and are more likely to respond to your direct mail campaign. One downside is that you can only use the list for a single campaign. Therefore, you will need to separate the names of customers you procured yourself from the customers that came from lists you rented. If you try to use a list for more than one campaign, you will be breaking the law and one of your letters will arrive at a “ringer.” This is a fake address used to track the number of times you used the list. If you’d like to use the list again, you will need to pay to rent the list a second time. However, the upside is that you will have access to an instant list rather than building a list over time. Building Your Own List   One advantage of cultivating your own list is that you will have access to information that is more specific to your company. For example, you can obtain information on which marketing campaigns your customer was the most receptive to, so you can determine if you should use the same technique in the future or try a different technique. However, your customer lists are not usually enough to run a lucrative direct mailing campaign and you will also need to spend money to collect data outside your usual marketing activities. For more help with direct mail, contact a company like Printing...

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Effective Ways To Enhance Your Company’s Property

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If you own a business, it’s important to keep your property inside and out looking great for as long as possible. This doesn’t have to be that hard if you take these steps. Fill In Potholes Before people ever step foot inside your building, they must first drive and walk on the parking lot, judging your business on the state of your pavement. For this reason, you need to make sure all potholes are filled in. After spotting a pothole, clean out the dirt and debris inside it. Then, purchase asphalt filler and pour it inside the pothole so that it completely covers it. Then, using a flat object, pack in the filler. This step prevents the filler from breaking apart. Since this filler has no drying time associated with it, you don’t have to wait for hours for your potholes to be filled in. Set Up a Custom Neon Sign In order for people to be compelled to shop in your store or use your company’s services, you need a sign that draws them in. There are a lot of signs you can choose from, but for a striking appearance, you can set up a custom neon sign. Featuring bright neon lights, these signs will be clearly visible from a distance. This is especially true at night. Professional companies can customize what your sign looks like, whether you are looking for a logo or just to display your company name. Since these signs are completely weatherproof, you don’t have to worry about replacing them often throughout the years. These signs also can be customized to feature multiple colors, giving the sign a dynamic look that will get people buzzing about your company. For more information on promotion via signage, check out the site here.  Utilize Glass Storefronts A focal point of your store is the front part of your building. You can upgrade this area, giving it a modern look, by installing glass storefronts. These storefronts feature glass windows, which let natural light pass into your building. This gives the interior of your store a soothing vibe. These storefronts also let you set up displays in the front that people can see. So when people pass by, they can see products you are selling, enticing them to shop in your store. Glass storefronts help you enhance the visual appeal of your store in a cost-effective manner. In order to attract customers to your business, you need to maintain your property both inside and out. You can keep your company’s property looking great thanks to these...

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Addressing Two Questions About Using Same Day Courier Services

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There are many businesses that rely on being able to quickly and cost-effectively send a package across town or state. In these instances, traditional mail services are often too slow because these packages may be extremely time sensitive. Fortunately, there are same day courier services that can help your business ensure that these packages reach their destinations in time, but if you have never used these services, there are likely a couple of questions that you need answered before deciding whether to hire a courier service for your enterprise.  Are There Limits To What These Courier Services Will Allow You To Send? While the exact rules for each courier service vary, it should be noted there will usually be extremely strict rules governing the size of the package that you are allowed to send. Most of these couriers use small vehicles, and as a result, they are limited in what they can transport.  In addition to these size restrictions, most of the service providers will not be able to accept perishable, highly valuable or dangerous items. Using these services to transport animals or people is also not allowed. There may be other rules in place, but you will have to contact the service provider to determine what other limitations you may have to address.  How Do You Know When Your Package Will Be Delivered? If your package is time sensitive, it may be necessary to provide the recipient with accurate tracking information. Not surprisingly, this is also handled differently according to each provider. For example, there are some that offer live GPS tracking on their vehicles. When you use these services, you will be given login information to their website that will allow you to track the car in real time.  For those using companies that are not as tech savvy, you will likely be given the driver’s cell phone number. While calling them is not advised unless it is an emergency, this can help you get in touch with your driver if the recipient is urgently needing a status update on the shipment.  When you are needing to quickly and efficiently send a package a short or medium length distance, a same day courier service may be the perfect solution. Knowing the limits on the packages that you can send and your options for tracking the driver will help ensure that your experience using these services goes as smoothly as...

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