The Value of Locksmith Services

Crime Scene Clean-Up: A Growing Profession

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In the last decade American TV dramas have gotten pretty realistic in displaying “all-too-real” crime and autopsy scenes. Death is always inconvenient, often messy, and sadly someone has to clean up after it. CTSD (crime and trauma scene decontamination) is a growing profession. CTSD’s are trained professionals who deal with high stress situations.  All scenes are not the result of violence. CST’s also deal with hoarders and natural deaths. The CTSD industry requires specialists.  CTS companies are certified...

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4 Tips For A Long-Distance Move

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Moving across the country can be a challenge. The key to making this event less stressful is to plan ahead. There is a variety of things you can do that can decrease the stress of the move and allow you to get to where you need to be. Knowing specific tips for a long distance move can help you when you are facing this situation. Tip #1: Drive your car It is safer to drive your car rather than having it shipped when you are moving a long distance. The possibility of your car being lost, damaged, or stolen when having it transported by another...

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How To Apply Window Films

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Window films offer protection from UV rays and offer increased insulation on your windows. They are retrofitted onto already installed windows, and can help reduce your energy bills and UV exposure when inside your home. They are ideal for climates that receive a large amount of heat and sunlight over the year. Installing window films is a fairly simple process that you can do yourself with the proper knowledge. What You’ll Need You’ll need a gallon of shampoo, paper towel, a bucket, a squeegee, a utility knife, a spray...

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How To Encourage Guests To Stay At Your Hotel During Slow Seasons

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When your hotel hits one of its slumps for the season, it can be difficult to fill your rooms. Use these tips to encourage guests to stay at your hotel even when slow seasons threaten to make your vacancy worse than ever. Advertise all your amenities Having an indoor pool when it’s frigid winter outside is an amenity that can make your hotel more more appealing, even in this slow time of year. In fact, all of your amenities can help you have great business during the slow seasons, because your guests know they are getting better value...

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How To Make Printer Ink Cartridges Last Longer

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Many businesses spend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on ink cartridges every single year. This is money that would be much better spent if it were invested into the business instead of spent on disposables. If your business spends too much money on ink cartridges, here are a few tips that will make ink cartridges last longer. No Chunky Fonts and Bolds One way you can make printer ink cartridges last longer is by encouraging your employees to avoid using chunky fonts and bolds in their documents. Extra ink is needed to print thick...

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Looking For A New Employee? Consider One Of These 3 Options

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As a business owner, you are responsible for a number of different tasks around the workplace. From payroll to ordering office supplies, hiring employees and more, it seems as if your job never ends. With so many different responsibilities, it makes sense that you end up feeling stressed and out of sorts. If you are in need of an employee for your business, there are a few different ways that you can go about it. Consider one of the options below to help fill your need. Post an Ad Online With so many different advertising sites online, you...

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How To Paint Shipping Container Walls For Alternative Uses

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Many people are finding creative ways to reuse cargo shipping containers. Architects have designed entire buildings using shipping containers, and farmers have transformed them into chicken coops or goat stables. If you are considering purchasing a cargo shipping container to transform into something more useful than shipping things, you will likely be putting some work into making it look great. Learn how to repaint the walls of the shipping container. To refinish the walls of the shipping container you will need: Water Dish soap Bucket...

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