The Value of Locksmith ServicesThe Value of Locksmith Services

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The Value of Locksmith Services

There are few things worse than coming home from work to find your home has been broken into. Sadly, this happened to me not long ago. My name is Jana, and I’m the single mother of two little girls. After reporting the burglary, a police officer suggested that I call a locksmith. The locksmith asked if I had any spare keys around the house that may have been stolen. Sure enough, I had some hanging on a key rack, and they were gone! I was worrying about jewelry and electronics; I never even thought to look for my keys. That night we replaced all my locks and rekeyed my car. To be extra safe, the locksmith made his next stop at my parents. (I had keys to their house on that key rack.) Locksmiths offer a valuable service; I’m happy to share why they're so great!

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Top 5 Reasons Not To Throw Out Your Old Kerosene Lamp

Have you recently acquired an old kerosene lamp? Are you wondering what you should do with it? This form of antique lighting is not only a nice piece of decoration for a shelf but can also have daily uses. Here are some ways to incorporate your antique lamp into your life and keep it working properly: 

Power Outages: Does the power go out frequently in your area due to inclement weather? Antique lighting is a good backup for modern lighting. The kerosene fuel is generally considered to be less volatile and safer than gasoline stored for use in a generator. In addition, you'll need less kerosene for your lamp than you would need gasoline for your generator, which can add up to a significant savings.

Alternative to candles: Because a kerosene lamp is sturdier and more difficult to knock over than a typical candle, many people prefer kerosene lamps. In addition, the hot melted wax of a candle is often difficult to clean if it gets spilled on a tabletop. While kerosene can sometimes be difficult to remove from clothes, removal from a hard surface often requires little more than simply wiping up the spill and safely disposing of the paper towel or rag that you used.

Adds a romantic ambiance: In addition to replacing candles for general purposes, an antique kerosene lamp can also create soft lighting for your next romantic dinner, replacing the candles you might otherwise have used. The relative safety of kerosene lamps means that you don't have to worry about blowing out your lamp before taking your romantic activities to another room. 

Reading Lamp: A kerosene lamp is a good choice if you need a soft light while you curl up with a good book. One of the reasons that this type of antique lighting is desirable is that it can provide just the right amount of lighting so that you don't have to turn on a glaring overhead bulb. Unlike candles, you can adjust a kerosene lamp to be brighter or dimmer, simply by adjusting the wick up or down, allowing you to easily adjust the light you need to see your book.

Night light: Unlike candles or other antique lighting, kerosene lamps can be adjusted so that they are just barely burning. This means you can keep them by your bedside without waking you or your spouse from the bright light. If you need to make a run to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you can easily take the lamp with you. You won't have to fumble in the dark for a flashlight or matches to light a candle.